Have you ever had a long, frustrating experience trying to get ahold of a customer service representative? Perhaps you were on hold too long, couldn’t get through to an actual human being, or had difficulty getting a resolution to your problem – fast.

Whether you rely on internal IT or third party support, an efficient and effective help desk is critical to maintaining productive day-to-day operations.

So – is your help desk rising to the challenge?

Read on for 5 key qualities in an effective service desk.

1.     Easy to get ahold of

Frustrated with a problem that needs to be fixed ASAP? A quality help desk should be easy to reach – in real time.

2.     Live support

When you need answers fast, you don’t want to deal with an automated directory. Being able to have a two-way dialogue with a live support agent saves time and stress in finding a solution.

3.     First-call resolution

Reliability is the hallmark of a great service desk; first-call resolution should be the standard. Blue Technologies industry experts say to expect a first-call resolution average of around 75 percent.

4.     Fast response times

Remote fixes aren’t possible 100 percent of the time. When you need on-site support, the response time should be fast to get you back up and running.

5.     Promises have teeth

Many managed service providers promise high first-call resolution and fast response times – but do these promises have teeth? Look for guarantees in writing that set standards for accountability.

Learn more about effective IT help desk support

With Blue Technologies’ managed services offering, BlueProtect, the health and security of your IT infrastructure is our top priority. Our reliable, US-based service desk provides live support in real time – with fast response times and 85 percent of service requests resolved remotely on the first call.

What’s more, we put out promises in writing under our Commitment to Excellence—EVERY DAY pledge to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. If we don’t meet the expectations set forth, we’ll provide a 10 percent credit on your next bill.

For more information on Blue Technologies Managed Services offering, BlueProtect, call (216) 271-4800 or email a technology expert at info@btohio.com