Would you drive an old, rundown car if you knew it’s not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or your auto insurance?

Absolutely not, right? For most of us, the potential safety and financial risks make the answer a no-brainer.

However those are exactly the kinds of risks you’re taking if your business is still running Microsoft Windows Vista on your computer fleet after April, 11th, 2017. On that day, Microsoft ends all support for the operating system.

What this means for your company

Once the deadline passes, Microsoft says it will no longer provide new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content. So while your computer will continue to operate – it will be susceptible to threats, bugs and glitches.

“Bottom line: If a user even browses to a webpage, they could get a virus or their PC could be taken over without them even knowing,” says Paul Sems, general manager at Blue Technologies Smart Solutions. “Additionally, newer software packages and websites won’t load properly.”

The security implications of losing its inbuilt anti-virus app, Security Essentials, should be of particular concern to businesses, he says, because these vulnerabilities put your company’s sensitive information in danger of loss and/or theft.

“And for some businesses, this also puts you in violation of certain industry compliance regulations or government contract agreements.”

If you’re still using Windows Vista

So – if you’re still using Vista, what should you do?

“You need to immediately consider replacing that desktop,” Sems says. “Contact your technology partner, who can help you develop a go-forward strategy that best fits your business.”

To learn more about the end of Windows Vista and how to upgrade your computer fleet, contact a Blue Technologies expert at (216)-271-4800 or info@btohio.com. You can also request a free business assessment online here.